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Diana`s failure.

As some of you might know, I bought a lomo camera called „Diana” (yes, that’s my name). Made of plastic and extremely easy to handle, it works with 120 mm films. But I wanted the whole „entire-film-with-little-sqares” look (which you can’t see here, because nobody would scan me something like that), so I used a 35 mm. Moreover, I used color slides. (adica diapozitive, noa) But something went completely wrong and this is all I could save. Three fucking photos. From a special shooting.

So, Diana, you suck! (the camera or I, because I don’t know how to use it properly.)

– some kid in neighborhood 


– my feet vs. the distance they have to walk to get some happiness  


– souls met on my way to..


– this is (or was) an experiment. so don’t take it seriously. 

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  1. bine ca se developeaza dia

    ai putea sa incerci sa „scanezi” un ipotetic film lat cu camera digitala.

    ma bucur sa aud ca se experimenteaza :)

  2. cum vine aia? sa fac poza filmului? :P

    daca nu avem, improvizam, experimentam. :D

  3. mhm. ai zis ca e si diafilm, deci nu’ti bati capul sa’l aduci la pozitiv apoi. tine-l cumva contra luminii si ar trebui sa iasa. nu se compara cu un scan, dar nah, ar fi interesant de vazut.

    primul film lomo e plin de surprize :)
    sper sa ai mai mult noroc cu urmatoarele


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