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Still hiding?

Still hiding?

I miss those times. I really do.

Is it noon already?


Happy I don’t know what!

E prima postare pe anul asta in afara de review-ul facut de wordpress. Ar trebui sa iau in considerare ca anii pari imi priesc, spre deosebire de cei impari. Totusi, nu-mi amintesc un an in care primele doua luni sa imi fie bine. Urasc din tot sufletul luna februarie si, din pacate, aflat la orizont, februarie asta nu pare sa fie mai bun. (doar daca nu cumva Tom Waits se hotaraste sa vina undeva suficient de aproape incat sa-l pot vedea cantand, but that’s not the case..)

Inainte, cand eram disperata ca nu-mi gasesc de munca, credeam ca in momentul in care voi gasi un job, toate problemele mele se vor rezolva. E adevarat ca s-au rezolvat problemele de atunci, doar ca au aparut altele. Cercul vicios pe care il banuiam (dar care speram totusi ca e o poveste) si-a facut simtita prezenta.

Nu e un post in care vreau sa ma plang. Sunt recunoscatoare pentru foarte multe lucruri ce s-au intamplat in ultimul timp. Doar ca ziua mea de nastere are grija sa-mi aminteasca in fiecare an de faptul ca I am what I am si sa ma faca sa recunosc unele lucruri pe care in tot restul anului incerc din greu sa le ascund de mine.

Sunt trista ca, desi am un job creativ, la finalul zilei sunt prea obosita, plictisita si sictirita pentru a mai fi eu. There must be something more than this. :(

I have to find my playground.

The bad girl

I feel like I have lost my abilities lately. Abilities to learn, to socialize, to communicate in other languages, to take decisions, to try new things, to think clearly, to do stuff. I don’t know what’s happening to me. If I try to look back at the past few years, I suppose odd years don’t do me any good. Luckily, here comes 2012..

So in order to hide all these symptoms, I’ve put on a pirate hat and tried my „bad girl” look, which matches with a cigarette. The light is pretty bad. I know.

Never let go

Din seria inspirata de Tom Waits:







Note to myself: stop shooting self portraits and start shooting girls! This is Maria, and in the near future, I hope to explore more of her feminine, but angry looks.

You can never hold back spring

Pentru ca imi place atat de mult Tom Waits, voi face o mica serie inspirata din piesele lui. (stiu ca am mai inceput niste serii, sunt imprastiata, da.)

De data asta, „You can never hold back spring”.

You can never hold back spring
You can be sure that I will never
Stop believing
The blushing rose will climb
Spring ahead or fall behind
Winter dreams the same dream
Every time

You can never hold back spring
Even though you’ve lost your way
The world keeps dreaming of spring

So close your eyes
Open you heart
To the one who’s dreaming of you
You can never hold back spring

Remember everything that spring
Can bring
You can never hold back spring

Reconfigurarea traseului



Un cal frumos

Chillin’ or spicing up?